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Alright, I'm sorta going to start off by answering your question with some other questions, as different cards are best acquired in different ways..


What do you mean by "legendary loot"?  A Loot card that you are awarded for completing a scenario?  Or, are you talking about legendary treasure cards that you can get via opening chests or randomly as you're burning through location decks?


Loot cards

Loot cards themselves (the kind you specifically get for completing a scenario) are only awarded once per a party's play through.  However, there are tricks to regain lost loot cards or farm out a couple additional copies if you really want to do so.  I'm reasonably sure this trick still works.  It's a non-competitive game, so the app isn't too strict on keeping you from over-acquiring some cards you should only ever have one of, or bending the intent of the rules a little bit.  Loot cards do not appear in treasure chests, so that is also not a viable way of acquiring extras.


Treasure Cards

Treasure cards follow similar rules to other cards at their Adventure Deck level.  They have the possibility of being encountered in any scenario at their Adventure Deck level or higher.  If you are looking to acquire some AD5 treasure cards, then they will only appear in AD5 or AD6.  Opening treasure chests to immediately gain a few treasure cards is another option as you'e pointed out, but there is no guarantee what you get will be of interest.  The best way to grind for treasure cards is to play with scenarios 4-6 characters blast through a few boon-heavy locations before forfeiting.  Afterwards, you can still keep whatever cards you've found even if you didn't actually complete the scenario.

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