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Windows - Game will not launch.



Hi I cannot get PoE to launch. I own the game through steam and have played for about 55 hours previously. Today the game will not open. I have scoured the net for hours looking for solutions and trying every one to no success. Below are the solutions I have tried and have failed. 

  • Verify game files - says one file must be reacquired, can't get it to work. Tried running this multiple times both with and without my antivirus active. 
  • Launching the game directly from the exe. 
  • Launching through steam. 
  • Launching the game in every combination of both the game and steam being run as admin and not admin, with and without compatibility mode.
  • Updating video card drivers and launching the game with same steps above.
  • Rebooting computer and trying same steps listed above. 
  • Complete uninstall/reinstall of game through steam, with reboot.
  • Launch game with and without steam overlay enabled.

So far none of these have worked. when the game launches I get a little steam window that pops up saying preparing to launch game, then it goes away and nothing. Is there something I'm missing? The game worked fine a month or so ago. I'm attaching a new dxdiag along with this post. Looking forward to your reply, thanks. 


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Hey guys,


I noticed you have an on-board graphic card along with your GTX 980. Check to see if the game is running the correct graphics card and see if that is the issue. Also, head over to the Control Panel and in Power Options, make sure High Performance is checked as well. Let me know if that works!


Thanks a bunch! 

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Hi, thanks for the response. Power is set to high performance. As for checking which video card is being used by the game, I am unsure how to do this as I cannot open the game to get into the settings. Is there another way? Also I have used Geforce Experience to optimize settings and unoptimize as well as try fullscreen and windowed mode. So far no success. 

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