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Starting A New Game

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Haven't played the game for a long time. Last time I played it was patch 2-point-something [never finished the game]. I reinstalled the game [got it on steam]. Going to start a new game. Just want to finish the game with a strong build [maybe a priest?]. So I'm basically looking for a build guide for that and the companions I'm gonna take [Kana, Hiravias, Pallegina, Eder and one of those new companions maybe from white march - I bought the white march DLCs but never got to them yet ]. A link for any of these stuff would be greatly appreciated. I suck at "building" builds that's why I'm looking for help. Thanks!

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This subforum, in particular this thread, is the place to look. In general the builds in that thread will work fine for the story companions, obviously their stats won't be the same but this isn't a problem for the most part (Durance is something of an exception, since most Priest builds rely on high Dexterity, but it doesn't seem like you're going to take Durance so that's okay).

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