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Unable to play White March I & II DLC





I bought pillars of eternity on the Mac Appstore. I've also purchased the 2 White March DLC from MacPlay/Appstore.


However, after finishing the main plot (killing Thaos and releasing the souls), it is impossible to play the DLC content. As a matter a fact, returning to caed Nua is impossible after killing Thaos. Loading the last save before "releasing the souls" from the machine won't do anything either.


I'm so disappointed. i've only purchased the two DLCs because I finished the main plot and wished to continue playing Pillars of Eternity. This was the only reason I bought them.


Moreover there is no support. MacPlay tells me this, I quote their support :


"If you hover over the I and II in the lower right corner of the screen, you will see that both are installed already.

In order to do White March – Part I follow this:

After you have gotten Caed Nua and completed Never Far from the Queen, you will be contacted by the mayor of Stalwart in the White March. She asks for your help to reawaken the white forges of Durgan’s Battery.


The worst part is that I have a message from Card Nua as a steward is waiting to talk to me there (I suspect for the White March DLCs).
I find this a major flaw in the game, as most DLC's are purchased after you finish the original game (which is my case) and not only available in mid game ("never far from the Queen" part), as suggested by John of macPlay.
Furthermore, nowhere in the DLC description it is explained that these two DLCs are only playable after completing "Never far from the Queen" - which in fact I did. I bought the DLC's after competing the main plot on the "vanilla" game.
I deeply regret having purchased this game, in spite of a wonderful content. nevertheless the games inability to provide purchased download content after completing the main plot and even from the last save is unacceptable, as nothing opposes my return alone to caed Nua after releasing those souls.
I feel I've been sold something that doesn't work. I don't think that you can solve this as otherwise you would have done that already, since i'm surely not the first person to have encountered this difficulty. I demand a refund for both DLCs I purchased today.
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The DLC's are available during the main game. Once you compmete the main plot there is no turning back once you entet the pit. Try reloading the save that the game automatically makes for you before you enter the pit. Should say Autosave Pre Endgame.

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