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Unable to Start Legendary Game



Platform:  PC, Win7x64, 24GB Memory.


Wanted to do the daily challenge today.   I am unable to start any game in Legendary.


Have completed numerous scenarios on both normal and heroic, and in the past some legendary.


I have multiple parties, and it won't let me start with any.


For troubleshooting, I have a party of 6 characters.   Ezren, Lem, Valeros, Amiri, Harsk, Sajan.  This party has completed all 6 scenarios on Normal, and 4 scenarios on Heroic.   They have also completed the entire Basic - Perils of the Lost Coast on Legendary.  Note the same issue happens on ANY party I have created that is eligible to do Legendary.


The same thing happens on whichever adventure I choose, be it Brigadoom, Poison Pill, Black Fang, or in Burnt Offerings (having completed all on Heroic already) Attack, Local, Trouble, Approach.   I have not completed Trouble on Legendary yet, but the same thing happens if I try to do one I have previously completed or Trouble, which I have not.


I can select Legendary, it populates with the wildcard powers.  The Start button is highlighted, but clicking on this does nothing.


I try choosing any adventure that I have completed at least Heroic, and any that I have previously done on Legendary, and I get the same thing.  Clicking on Start after selecting does nothing.  The wildcard powers are always different when I try, does not matter.


PFID:  38EEA4C38C6063D

I am connected to Google Play, shows my logon Lorddunmore1 #8449

None of my parties are permadeth

Have tried in Offline mode, and same result.

If you need more breakdown of the characters in my sample party, I can provide it (cards, etc).





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