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Never ending fights [Xbox One]



Every 4th or 5th fight the game just won't return to normal mode after a fight, obviously after all enemies have been killed - meaning that it cannot be saved or areas changed. The only way to recover is to reload.


This is already extremely frustrating, but it get even worse in the Endless Paths. Starting at level 2 the fight NEVER ends, which means that the stage can't be completed. Has anyone on xbox one even done this quest?

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We (Arctic) are aware of this bug and have been able to reproduce it in-house.
The bug occurs when an enemy gets killed at the same moment it is either confused or mind controlled.
Example: Cipher casting Tenuous Grasp and a wizard blasting it Minoletta`s minor missiles at the same time causing it to die.
So any spell or ability that either causes confusion or mind-controls an enemy could cause this.
For Cipher: Tenuous Grasp and Mind Plague
For Wizard: Spells Bewildering Spectacle and Confusion
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