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Recursive Loop Bug



Normal campaign on Steam, Windows 10

Adventure deck 5, final scenario (the one with the Warriors of Wrath) on the 2nd difficulty (requiring a roll of 2D4 when encountering an henchman)


When using encountering a Warrior of Wrath with (Feral) Lini, the Acrobatics/Dexterity roll appears first before the 2D4 roll.

Clicking on the Animal Trick ability causes the Acrobatics/Dexterity die to roll, with an incorrect number showing.

The 1 fire damage is dealt.

The 2D4 then roll, and the Acrobatics check is made again but this time like normal. Combat also occurs without problem.

After defeating the Warrior, the Acrobatics check appears again, this time at seemingly double the difficulty of the previous one.

Then the combat check again, also at double the difficulty.

Proceeding along just causes the difficulty of the checks to multiply without being able to end the encounter. 


The only way to continue was to concede.


This happened twice, each time with Feral Lini, each time the same presentation.

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