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Increasing level caps without IEmod?

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I'm the kind of player that does every sidequest he can find. As a result, I got a lot of XPs in PoE since it's the main way to level up.

The bad thing is that I'm currently level 6 after very few quests in Defiance bay and I'm a bit affraid I'm going over leveled for main quest and even those quests that I found relatively easy even in hard mode...

I planed to do every NPC story, then start WM, have a little fun in Caed Nua and then to go on with the main story... But I start to fear that I'll be overleveled for half of these things.


I also read there that you could tweak the XP caps to level up. Unfortunately this is for 1.03 version... Does anyone know if it's still up to date?


Or any other "simple" way to do that? I never moded any game before so I'd like something quite simple and secure ^^


Thanks for reading!

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