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Will the development of the console add controller support to the PC version?

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I have the PC version on steam, but I also have a big TV in my room and i hardly use mouse and keyboard anymore...... Will controller support be added to the PC version so we can play it on the big screen without buying the PS4 version again?


Also, adding controller support for Pillars of Eternity 2 would be great! Thank you for the attention! 

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Are you considering bringing the pad controls to the PC version of PoE or is it an absolute No Go since the console version is not developed in house ?It would be awesome if you would !


The console version of PoE changed a bunch of UI elements to work with their control scheme. We don’t plan to bring over any of the console version’s UIs or controller functionality. For the PC versions of PoE, we have Steam controller support.

Source: Josh Sawyer, Frog Helms Fan Club (his Q&A tumblr)
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