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Can't proceed after using Robes of Xin-Shalast



OS: Android 7.1.1

PFID 45660726F0A2EB8F


Playing in Story Mode. Replaying one of the Graul levels on the highest difficulty. Lini is at the Garrison and used the Robes of Xin-Shalast, discarding the Sihedron Medallion. I intended to fetch Emerald Codex.


The prompt says "Choose up to 1 card from Character."  Lini's deck comes up, and I can click on the Belt of Physical Might and the Emerald Codex. However, there are no actions I can take -- clicking the Belt or Codex brings them into focus, but there are no action prompts. Trying to drag either of them to my hand (or anywhere else on the screen) doesn't do anything -- the cards drag, but I can't drop them anywhere. There's no cancel or proceed buttons (red X/green arrow), pressing Android Back button doesn't do anything, tapping on the Settings and Store buttons does nothing.


Tried closing and reopening the game a few times, but when I press Continue it brings me back to the exact same situation, with the prompt to choose a card, but no way to proceed.

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Platform: PC (Windows 10)

User: atwarner #9699

Scenario: Jorgenfist

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Alert Guards, Distratcions

Characters: Ezren (City Gate), Merisiel (Garrison), Sajan (Courtyard), Valeros (Giant Lair), Lini (Mountain Peak), Seoni (Prison)


I've had this happen twice. Both times Lini was at the Mountain Peak. Both times she wanted Emerald Codex from her deck. If she plays Robes of Xin-Shalast to get it, I can't actually drag the card (or any item) to her hand. Zooming on the cards shows no option to click a button to choose. All buttons don't work, so I can't exit to the main menu or forfeit. Both times I've had to end the task in task manager, restart the program, and continue. Then I was able to drag.


This last time, I actually revealed Robes of Xin-Shalsat, changed my mind and canceled it before discarding anything. I then explored and encountered Elven Chain Shirt. Lini acquired it. Then the box to choose something from my deck appeared and the game was locked up. After resuming the game via the process above, I was able to continue, but there was nothing to choose from the deck anymore.


Since I'm also experiencing bleed from the next card at the Mountain Peak, I will also say that when I explored again the next card was Pit Trap.

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