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Characters with Nicknames are not saving changes



Any of the characters I have given nicknames to are not saving.  When I add them to a party and change their dice and equipment sets everything looks fine.  If I then go back to the map screen and then go to edit my party again, their nicknames are gone and their equipment set and dice have reverted to what was it was previously.  If I complete a scenario with any of these nicknamed characters, it seems like I'm getting the scenario reward, but the next time I load those characters into my party, they've reverted back to where they were.  This has only started since the Rise of the Goblins DLC was added.


Playing on PC:




UPD:  All my characters have nicknames.  I created two full sets of characters, plus the two new goblin characters (for a total of 24).  It is only the second set of characters (and the goblins) that will not save.  Also, I don't know if this related, but if add two of these characters to my party, the number of My Characters screen will show 26/24 Characters Slots, so it seems to be creating new versions of the characters.

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