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I started playing again a while ago after taking a break back when the endless mode was gotten rid of (I can't remember the name), but as luck would have it I decided to check the forums and it was riddled with a bunch of people criticizing paizo (I think) for transitioning to another server host or something. Apparently when attaching their account to the new server instead of using the iOS login thing, a bunch of items were lost (and some pretty rare ones like a couple cannons or something). It got me scared of playing so before I even transferred over or played a game, I quit out of the app to avoid any possible data loss. I've been hesitant to come back but I don't know if all the bugs were fixed so I stayed away.

My question is: is it safe to come back? Also, is there a new way to sell items? Because I haven't been able to sell my excess copies of the common items (like the ranseur) and I don't want to spend any more money on the game if I'm just going to have 50 copies of every common item. I'll never be able to get rare items again.

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