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Royal Edition Strategy Guide

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I purchased the Champion Edition of the game not realizing it didn't come with the pdf of the Prima Official Strategy guide.  It's too late for me to refund the game and get the royal edition, so I just have one question: is there a way to simply get the strategy guide that would have come with the Royal Edition? There is an incomplete guide (just lore no strategy) on Kindle and Google books, but other than that I have not been able to find an easy way of just purchasing the strategy guide separate.


Does anyone have any advice?

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Hmm, it doesn't seem like it (at least not through perfectly legal means, that is). It's rather weird that Prima wouldn't offer a digital copy (as that hardcover sure is pricey...) as a separate purchase on their site, since they tend to do that with many others - maybe there is some exclusive deal going on with the Royal Edition package. 

Have you obtained a Steam version of the game? There might be an option to simply update to Royal Edition by paying a little extra. I know the platform allowed this with several different titles, though I am unable to check how it works with Pillars due to not owning it there. Otherwise, you are probably out of luck. 


However, you do mention looking for strategy more so than the lore background (which I would argue is the biggest value of that book nowadays). It's worth noting that the original guide is now outdated in some places, as many things have been changed over the course of numerous patches. It still works as a general walkthrough and as a reference item, although it doesn't cover the expansion content. 

If you are just looking for resources to help you along the way, then you might want to take a peek at GameBanshee and gamepressure guides (free, easily accessible) for quests and general info. Besides that, you can pick up some valuable insights on either Steam, Reddit, or especially these forums - more so once you know what you are exactly looking for, or when having any particular doubts. 

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