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kind furious of the sync



I play this game on PC and Ios. But the sync really buggy. What i complete on one system is not show on another. The new card I gain is not show on another. The character I created is not show on another.

The worst part is, when i already end a campaign, the character is still locked on another.

Is there a way to make sure the link is working?

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Yep, I just finished the scenario I hate most of any in the game, which is Thassilonian Sins.  I've done everything on legendary and my favorite party build always has a harder time on Thassilonian sins than everything else.  Was playing a bit on my computer and then played some on my tablet.  I finished the hated scenario on my tablet on Legendary, quit, and when I returned both the tablet and computer show that I have not finished the scenario yet.  This is the rare glitch that actually pisses me off because it just hit me on the scenario that is, hands down, the hardest for my party build.  I will not get a beating like this on any other scenario on legendary, including any in deck six, which I can attest from experience.


EDIT:  However, having a moment to collect my irritated thoughts, to be fair I must observe that it's merely forced me to play the game more, and I enjoy the game, so I guess I can't complain too much.  I'm going to switch to my non-legendary party for a while so I can relax before heading into to mosh pit.  Having already won the scenario on legendary, I could simply get past the scenario on regular, but that still feels like cheating.  That's my self imposed problem and Obsidz isn't responsible for that.  However, they do deserve a little heat for one of the features not working right, which is to have the accounts synced.  I just don't want to flame them unfairly.  Just... fairly enough.

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