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Im on android nugat on a galaxy s8.


Im stuck and I'd like to know what to do.


Ezren used Stride to move Kyra to a temple.


The temple requires a character to discard after moving there.


I clicked on a magic full plate on Kyra's hand and then chose discard. The green arrow didn't seem to allow the move to resolve.


I clicked on the "x" to cancel and now it adk me to discard 2 cards.


When i try to discard the magic full plate again on Kyra, it tells me that I need to discard 1 more. When I click on any card, I dont have the option to discard more than 1.


At a point, clicking on a card stopped giving me the option to discard, but i'm still asked to discard 2. The Stride still appears in the hand of Ezren but Kyra is at the temple(the stride moved her).


I don't see a red "x" or a green arrow anymore.

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I never experienced this bug as I don't use Stride. But there are several threads in the forum about this long-known and generally unsolvable error. I do not know if forfeiting the scenario will be possible. If not, contact the support team with your PFID.

Just never do that again, the temple should not be the target of a Stride unless they fix that.

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