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Bought Treasure Chest and Rune of Wonder disappeared



Today I've bought the Rune of Wonder (5 runes) and after that I bought a Treasure Chest.

When I tried to open the chest, the app make the noise, but I was returned to the main store window and nothing else happened.


After trying to open it several times, I went out of the app-


When I re-enter the app, the chest had disappeared and I had only 2 Runes of Wonder from the original 5. Moreover, there was nothing in the unclaimed window when modifying a deck.


Is this a known bug?


This is my information. Thanks in advance,


Android Tablet.

PFID#: D9376A4805CDD6ED

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I have twice observed that the store showed I don't have any Runes of Wonder. In fact, I had more than 20. In that situation, I didn't try to open the chest and restarted the application. And now they are back. So there is some problem here, but I don't know what causes this - it seems totally random.

Let's hope the developers will be able to help you.

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I just had a similar bug on my PC version of the game: PFID#: D7F02BE4D8DB093B


I bought a chest and went to open it and as it was about to open it took me back to the store page. It wouldn't allow me to go back to the chest unless I quit the store page and opened it again, but the same thing would happen, I would try to open the chest and get sent back to the store page. 

I then restarted the game and now my chest is gone but also the money I spent on it is gone and I tried looking at my unclaimed cards and I don't think I got any cards from that chest.


Edit: I just noticed that it also seems like it has taken some of my Runes of Wonders, as I have used 9 but I think I max have bought 5 or 6 chests while I had those.

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