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Lost Gold and Didn't get Items from the Store



Hi! Long time player 1st time poster here! I've never had any problems until now and the gane has been great. I like the new user interface and items.


Which makes it sadder that this happened. I'm about to complete a scenario and Merisiel is down to 1 card in her deck. So I buy the Scroll of Cure charm for 250 gold. I open the purchase and roll a 3 plus 1 = 4! Things are going great so far. Then, I purchased a Holy Candle for 500 gold, which I've done at least a half dozen times before and it says it's processing purchase... so I wait... Then I see that Merisiel is down to one card again and it locks up. So I reset the game and try again, and again, and again... Then I notice there is no candle, no cure, and I'm out over 2,000 gold!


All I wanted was to spend 750 gold :(


Please help!

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