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Can not bury Cards (IOS0





I bought the Obsidian Edition on Steam and linked it to my Ipod 6th Gen.


The problem I keep running into is that every time I am asked to chose a card to bury I can not do so on IOS. 


The window showing my discarded cards opens up in the middle of the screen and I can tap the discarded cards to zoom them but I can not find a way to get them over to the bury pile.


There isn't a 'bury' button and I can not drag the cards.


If I open the game up on PC I can just grab them with the mouse and drop them on the bury pile.


Is this a known problem?


I'm really knew to the game so a lot of it is as clear as mud right now.  :)


Any help would be much appreciated.




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You have to bury card from your hand, not from discard. (In some special cases you bury discard, but those Are rare. The bury place is the left bottom part of the screen. Looks like big pile of dirt. (Or tall tomb ;) )

But the drag and drop should be fine Also in iOs version.

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Thanks for the reply


You may be right.  It may very well be an error on my part.


I remember that it was after losing to BugBear(?).


I'll try to pay better attention next time it happens just to make sure that I'm not over looking something obvious.

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