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Game stuck during damage from Pit of Malfeshnekor



Game Version: Steam (Windows 10)

Campaign: Rise of the Goblins

Mission: Dare or Dare


Party Members: Ranzak, Poog, Seelah (goblin version), Seoni (goblin version)




The previous turn Seelah used her Crusade ability to put a Blessing of Iomedae at the bottom of the deck.


During his turn, Ranzak encountered a Pit of Malfeshnekor, which proceeded to reveal 3 items from the deck, along with the blessing, which was still revealed, at the bottom of the deck. Wanting the blessing for Seelah's ability, I chose the blessing - even though it wasn't one of the 3 cards revealed by the Pit card, the game allowed this.


The game then proceeded to roll damage against Ranzak, dealt damage, but after discarding cards, the game was stuck. The Pit didn't deal damage to the rest of the party, I can't click on any buttons to move things along.


Quitting to main menu and hitting continue takes me back to the damage roll against Ranzak, after which the game is once again stuck.


I restarted my game (no big loss).


Probably, this was caused by the (not actually allowed) choice of the blessing as the item for the Pit (?)

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