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Ambassador- Not receiving legendary dice or alternate characters





I am having a problem with the Ambassador programme. It says I should have all the Alternate Characters and Legendary dice. But when I checked (both my steam and mobile, which are linked), I have no alternate characters, nor any legendary dice.


In the steam store, all the DLCs (for alternate characters, legendary dice and goblin) are ticked, but I don't see them in-game. I tried to buy them again, but steam prompts me that I already have it! 


my account details


PFID: 82F44F0AD57CBA50

Asmodee/Obisidian Account: bgkoh#4202


Thank you

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The issue has been resolved. After trying multiple times, the answer (however weird) was to link my game to itself.


For those encountering the same problem, on the Steam version, click on your ID in the top left and check your links.

In my game, the Steam link was not ticked. so I had to click on it to generate a code, and then head back to the options screen and click link device and enter the code. Basically, to link the desktop version to itself.


Weird workaround, but it works. So I'll leave this up here for others with the same problem.


Summary: Ensure all the links (Steam, Asmodee and Gamecenter) are all checked. If not, link the ones that are not checked.

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