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Logining into pathfinder game



I'm playing the pathfinder game app on my iOS devise.

I've finished the first adventure section and wanted to go to the next but I need to purchase the next section.


I was unable to go to the shop area of the app because I wasent logged in, so I created an account on this pathfinder obsidian site.


But when I click "start" and it asks if I would like to continue or login . Clicking the login button did nothing for me.


Any help? Would love to get that next adventure section :)

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Check that you are logged into your Game Center account (same as your Apple ID).  Occasionally your device may log you off, and that starts to break things for Pathfinder.


1. Open your iOS device and go to the Settings app
2. Scroll down about a third of the way and look for Game Center.  It should be immediately above the Twitter and Facebook
3. Tap Sign In at the top of the screen to log in with your Apple ID.

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