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Exalted Hands Boots as a skill for Paladins

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The boots called Patchwork Boots that you got from a certain quest in the Stronghold gave you a per rest one time use of a version of the Paladin Lay on Hands that you could use as a heal or as a CC that pushed and stunned against the Will defense vs enemies  


I think the Paladin in POE was really good (after a few patches was just ok on release imo) but something they lacked as a front liner (if you played a front line paladin) was some type of control to keep enemies from attacking your back line.  Since their is no aggro control in the game (which is great) do you guys think it would be fair to give Lay on Hands a bonus skill (that you would have to invest in like Bonus Knock down for fighters) that lets you do some type of control CC ability like Exalted Hands did?  


Or are Paladins already too good as front liners and them not having CC (without items) is intended?  This was there one weakness as a front liner and thats ok every class has a weakness just asking.  My best tank Paladin had both those boots and a belt that let him use knock down once per encounter.  It was like he had a few levels of fighter (he had Veterans Recovery also).  

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Have gun will travel.

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