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Extremely buggy location: Shimmering Veils of Pride




This was on legendary difficulty, android samsung galaxy s6.


Video speaks for itself. This seriously does piss a lot of players off if they have to end up fighting the warrior 3 times just to finally defeat it.

Hoping for a fix soon. 

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This location is notorious! I have complained about this many months ago and sort of abandoned the game for a while because of it. I recently started playing the game again after I bought the PC version, but this location is still buggy as hell! I know I am a sucker for buying this buggy game twice! I couldn't believe it myself!


I have discovered another bug on this location, the following steps reproduce the bug.


Scenario: 5.3 Halls of Seduction


1) I placed Lini at Shimmering Veils of Pride

2) Another character at a different location drew a Skeleton Horde obstacle card

3) Everyone defeated the summoned Ancient Skeleton henchmen with Lini doing it last

4) When it was Lini's turn and drew a card, the card that was drawn an Ancient Skeleton again!

5) Defeat the Ancient Skeleton again but the game allowed me to attempt to close the location! what the hell?


Obsidian really need spend some effort in squishing the bugs before bring out more contents seriously!

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