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No Progession After Combat



I just won the combat phase against a goblin horde and there is no way for me to progress. There is no arrow on the right hand side of the screen. I close the app and it just reverts to the combat I just finished. I win and it still doesn't progress.


Any ideas on how to workaround this issue?

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Sounds like forfeit is the only option left.

Normally the workaround seguence is something like

1) go to wault aka card collection list

2) restart the app

3) forfeit

4) reinstall the app


And after that try the same scenario with Little different way and send a bug report to the devs so that that particular bug could be fixed in some day. There still Are some game braking bugs and Until those Are fixed the only way seems to be to avoid doing those things that causes those bugs. I have played the whole story after the last update so it is possible, but there was two to three wault trips and a couple of app restarts and a couple of forfeits during the way.

What we need would a list of things you should not do, to avoid bugs that causes progression brake and get it pinned ;) along with Ethick gradience troubleshooting quide.

I have learned quite well what you should avoid and still sometimes there Are situations where forfeit is you best friend. The game just sometimes get so Locked downs that restarting is the only way of making progress.

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Etchic gradiance did collect Many try this before guide quite a long time ago.

I was just saying that all the collected troubleshooting info would be handy to collect somewhere :)

The dev does fix those bugs one at time, but I supose that Goblin dls is the Main course among the memory usage optimization. So less time for basic bug hunting at this moment.

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