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Summon Monster Auto casting and causing the game to lock up



So I'm at the Leng Device and facing Ceoptra. I had a staff in my hand that I discarded to use as a spell on my sorceress, I used the Orb of ice in my hand as a display effect, and the last card in my hand was summon monster. I had my dwarf archer help out with his ability to discard a card to add dice, and also discarded one of his ranged weapons to add more dice. I beat the roll. The game then immediately uses summon monster (I was not prompted to use it) and the summoned monster fails. Then the game stops. I can tap on characters and everything like I'm still playing but there is no prompt to actually do anything. THe only other thing that happened once the monster died was the "current effects" magnifying glass blinked but gave me no indication what that was supposed to mean. Also cycling through all the effects there just does nothing for the majority of them but dismiss the list. The only one that gives text is the assault on the pinnacle which just gives me a text box explaining what it is.

SO now what? I REALLY would rather not re-do this mission again. I'm literally on the last fight. I have no idea why the heck the game auto-used the summon monster (my plan was to discard it as a spell again). Crashing the game and continuing just puts me back at the step where the dwarf is helping out and the game just proceeds as such.

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