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Crashing on character screen





I'm a big fan of both the actual board game and the app. I love the game and spread the word to all my board game friends. Unfortunately I have a problem with the app.


I'm using an ipad mini 2 on iOS 10.3.1.


The game has been crashing everytime when I try to enter the character screen (either by pressing the character button in a saved game or by pressing the new game button).


This has been an issue for more than half a year, but I used to work around it by entering the character screen in the quest mode which not only worked, but after entering there, I could enter the character screen in all the other parts of the game without crashing.


Unfortunately there is no quest mode anymore, so it is now a dead end promblem.


This has not been fixed through many builds of the game and a couple of OS upgrades from my part.


Is there any known solution or perhaps a possibility for a fix in future upgrades?


Thanks a lot!


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Never mind I corrected it myself. For those interested: find a device to install the app that has more memory than the one you're using. Then link the games in the two devices. Finally around the app on the new device and delete the extra characters that cause the memory problem .

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