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Scenario number and objects

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Assuming you are talking about the post-game deck building, no, it's not a bug.  That's just how the digital app plays. Due to the fact that you can freely rearrange characters and create/disband parties, the game has always needed to be lax about checking if your decks have "legal" content.


The Stash and Unclaimed Tab are also a new addition to the game.  It is now much easier to equip your party with cards "over" their level.  Open up some treasure chests, and you'll be gifted copies for those cards for immediate use.  See this thread for some other details.  


Whether or not you should take advantage of over-level cards is bit of community debate at this point, but in all honestly, enjoy the game in whatever manner you choose.  If you think you shouldn't have a card, get rid of it.  If you want to stack out a new party with Legendary treasures, that's fine too.

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Having overleveled cards was never "illegal".  However, in the physical game you can't replay old/lower level scenarios, so this wasn't a problem.  In Organized Play (which uses a different set of rules), you could only play scenarios that were 1 level above/below yours, so again this wouldn't have been much of a problem.


It's only a bigger problem because of the stash and the way treasure chests currently work.

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You should note how unclaimed and stash cards can affect your rewards.


If you are running a new party and you want to be rewarded the loot cards, you must be careful that your stash and unclaimed cards contain some cards that are useable at your level.  If you are forced to replace a banished card from your stash or unclaimed, which is at a level higher than your characters level, then when it comes to be awarding loot cards, you will receive non-loot cards of your level instead.


The solution is to always keep an array of unclaimed cards, which is useable at your level.

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Having overleveled cards was never "illegal".  However, in the physical game you can't replay old/lower level scenarios, so this wasn't a problem.


Actually, I was also under the impression that infinitely replaying old scenarios wasn't permitted..., until I was informed that I was in error:


the Paizo FAQ, and multiple statements from the developers, have always said that replaying scenarios in the board game is fine. See the following FAQ entry for Rise of the Runelords: http://paizo.com/paizo/faq/v5748nruor1gk#v5748eaic9r4h

Anyhow, there's nothing specifically wrong with a "low-level" character getting a hand-me-down card from a character that is further along in the game.  The problem with the stash is that, for instance, it easily allows a party that has never been exposed beyond AD1 to suddenly possess a handful of AD6 cards.  It is the sort of "Outside Context Problem" that the rules don't address because it is a situation that theoretically should have not occurred if the rules were being followed.


I'm not saying it is cheating or anything, the stash just supports eventualities that didn't seem probable within the scope of the game as played normally.

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