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Purchased Store Enhancement not appearing but gold deducted [Steam]



I have been using the Pathfinder iOS but recently bought the Obisidian edition for my Mac on Steam. I just bought the Fervor card under the Enhancements section in the Store with 6250 gold through my Mac. However, I can't find it in the unclaimed tab when managing deck, nor can I see the card when I select Deck 5, Spell in the Collection section. There was a pop up about connecting to server to make the purchase when I clicked the buy button and I am 100% sure there was a success pop up afterwards. However, when I go back into the store now, I still see 6250 gold for this card instead of "Own" which I see for the characters that I got (since I have the Obsidian edition)... so does that mean my gold had been wasted for nothing?! that's very bad user experience and I really played hard to save up on the gold!!

Hopefully you can take a look into this and respond....

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There seems to be some problem of those cards shoving. I Also did buy one of those and have not seen it. So I have been vaiting the next patch to show it.

There has been other similar instances. You can contact the support support@obsidian.net With your PFID. And They can checks this out. My ques is that is more general problem with the appearence of those card than individual purhases, but I does not hurt to contact the support so you can be sure!

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