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Cards Disappearing Between Mobile and Desktop



​Several cards have disappeared when moving between mobile and desktop. The mechanisms seems to be [1] finishing a scenario, [2] redoing decks/party, then [3] later logging in for a new scenario on a different platform (Android/PC). When I do so sometimes one of the characters will have one type of his/her deck reset back to what it was before I did the card juggling. It's not perfectly reproducible for me yet, and I'm disinclined to write test procedures when I'm not at work.

I've likely lost more than these three cards, but the ones I've noticed (because they hurt) are:


Gale Armor

Saber-toothed Tiger

Improved Sage's Journal


I also lost an Ameiko, but another dropped during the scenario when I noticed it, so I'm not concerned about that. (And, I thought Aldern had disappeared until I realized that was probably why I had a mask made out of human faces.)


The one that doesn't make sense from this scenario is that I'm ALSO missing a set of Field Green dice.


Zonemind #2302

PS: ​The fact that this is the first time that I've been compelled to reach out to tech support since Obsidian began (and I've been around since your first Kickstarter) makes for a pretty good run.

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