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[] 6-2 Leng Spiders on the Loose!



Playing on Hard difficulty on iPad Air 2. Party was Lem, Valeros, Lini, Seelah.


Playing 6-2, The Road through Xin-Shalast, every time I encountered a henchman, I was first forced to fight a summoned Leng Spider.

On three occasions Lini encountered the Leng Spider and failed the combat check. In all cases the damage was dealt to Lem, twice in immediate succession.

On two of those occasions Lem was at a different location. In these cases Lini was transported to Lem's location when she ended her turn.

On one occasion Lem used Mirror Image to avoid taking damage, which worked as normal the first time then brought up a d4 in the circle used when the game is making a roll to e.g. increase the difficulty of the check. Nothing happened and I had to cancel the use of Mirror Image and take damage.

I also found one of the Leng Spiders in the Mountain Peak deck later on, apparently having been shuffled into the deck when I failed to defeat it.


Also, when Valeros encountered and defeated a Warden of Runes at the Heptaric Locus, Ghlorofaex was summoned as expected. However, after failing the Dexterity check Valeros took no damage and was not offered the opportunity to close the location.


I've beaten this scenario on Hard in the past and don't remember any of this happening...

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