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Progress stuck due to Desecrated Vault issue



Platform: Steam

Username: mcslave198#9170


Hello. I'm currently playing scenario 3-5. Merisiel and Seoni are at the Desecrated Vault. Merisiel closes on her turn, which triggers the "when permanently closed" effect of the Vault. Merisiel recharges an item from her discard successfully. Next, Seoni gets the "Choose up to 1 card from discard" pop-up. However, I am unable to recharge an item from her discard. I can't drag the item to her deck. I can expand the item card, but I don't get a button to recharge it.




(Note that the popup also does not have the usual red X in the corner, and instead has a blank square)


On top of all that, I can't even open the menu to forfeit and start over. When I restart the game and load my party, I just sent back to this same situation. So, my progress is completely stuck.


Does anyone know how to resolve this? Is there any way I can at least force my party to forfeit the scenario so I can start it over?



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