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Account merge problem




I have purchased the game on IOS when it came out and again on PC last week and didn't go to your support forums before I started to create my Asmodee merge (To be frank, why should I have to?)
So I setup everything on the PC end, connected it to the Asmodee account and it shows my account id as Swedishcow #1843, all fine and dandy.
After that I went to my IOS device and started doing the same thing, but my progress seems to get wiped when I do, my account on IOS is Swedishcow #4103, after the merge they both become #1841 but my 10 unopened chests and 10k gold vanish from the IOS device.  I would have hoped they would get added.
I tried doing the linking by selecing link on the IOS device and input link code on the PC but it says my PFID is invalid.
I enter the PFID shown in my IOS device into the PC client, F2D4********* and the different temp PWs, I've tried 3+ times. I've also tried after the latest patch last friday.
I know my old account isn't lost as everytime I restart the IOS device the old account (4103) is back and the device is no longer logged in to Asmodee.net.
It seems my PC has become the master which removed the progress from my old account, is there any way to merge them and get the sum of the content on one account? I have started a campaign on PC and it would be great if I could keep the progress on that one too.
All the cards that I've unlocked with chests is also something I don't want to lose.
I think this require manual correction as my 2 accounts have become split and I would like to get all the rewards I've bought and earned on to one account.
Kind regards
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