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Is Mountain Pattern supposed to show up in the collection?



Hey there,


I bought a Mountain Pattern "enhancement" card and it went directly into my Unclaimed vault. Since I have no intention to use cards I didn't encounter during adventures, I sold all unclaimed cards... but the Mountain Pattern simply vanished! If it's supposed to be used only from the Unclaimed vault, you should just warn us - otherwise it is very bad business to turn 1000 gold into half a dozen coins...





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I'm reasonably sure it is just one of the collection glitches we're experiencing, and your card is attached to your account even if it is presently invisible.  At this point we're all so preposterously stacked with treasure cards, it is probably unlikely to see it come up in normal play anytime soon.


As much as it sometimes feels like it, the app didn't throw the card into the PlayFab volcano to appease the angry "cloud" gods.  :p

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