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Can't Leave Starting Area/Patching



I am having issues with playing NeverWinter Nights 2.  I bought the game a long time ago when it was still on GamersGate, and played the base game with no real problems.  I did not install the MOTB despite buying it as well.  When I went to install it finally I ran into an issue where Gamersgate needed to send me a CD key, and they did eventually.  Since the installation I've had a major problem and a minor one.  First I can't leave the starting area anymore.  I don't understand why, but whenever I click on the door I can no longer exit it, nor can I skip the tutorial.  Furthermore, the installation seems to have somehow undone patches.  Before the expansion I was on the final patch, however after I was somehow rolled back to 1.10.  This isn't a major issue, but I can't get the auto updater to work. 

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