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First playthrough of the game and I am playing a fire godlike monk tank with high perception.


I am at the part where I have to chose a faction and I wonder which is better? The crit from the Doemenals or the DR from the Knights?

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+0.3 crit modifier for a high ACC monk is great. Torment's Reach cone's damage and also Battle Forge profits from this quite a bit. Especially at higher levels, when the base damage of Battle Forged is pretty high, empowered crits (through Doemenel) deal a ton of damage.


If you want to go all the way with crits you can also use annihilating weapons (like Resolution, Purgatory, Shatterstar or Rumbalt or Firebrand or whatever) and also wear some gear with +0.1 (Azalin's Helmet for example) and pick Dungeon Delver with another +0.1 - you will actually have a crit damage modifier of +1.5 instead of the plain old 0.5. It's awesome. You people should try all that with Firebrand, Turning Wheel, Lightning Strikes and Scion of Flame, paired with Enervating Blows. Crits from Firebrand and also Battle Forged are so powerful with this setup. 


+2 DR is cool for a pure tank - but it's quite boring, too. Besides that monks can have Iron Wheel. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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