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Just checked the last versions (Android - Steam)

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After almost 6 months I re-installed the game to check what progression has been made, after a very fast check on the forum.

So, in less than 10 minutes I found this situation:


- a lot of new content: very good! More and more months playing and having fun for all player, both f2p and p2p. I always loved this game since I discovered it in the Play Store one year ago.


- no Quest mode: never really played it but I can easily understand that a lot of players are suffering this.


- no more Multiplayer feature: broken hearth ... I really really really hoped since the first second I installed this game that one day I could have played it with other players all over the world that love this type of games as I do (I am an old guy from 80ties). Also as developer I understand the technical reasons and the time cost, but we are in 2017... there are already dozens of design patterns for every possible application ready to be used!!


- steam version isn't free: not a big deal, cause every player that can install Steam can also install Android emulators (I use Memu, but they all can run this app). But to be honest, asking to players that already paid the game as Android version to pay again full price the game as Steam version (like if you had re-coded every single program line instead of re-compile most of them) is quite shocking, immoral and unethical. Also because they supported you when the game was clearly alpha/beta releases. Still I understand the reasons behind but those don't change the conclusion.


- impossible to create a party: infinite loading then game dies...


- impossible to load a saved party: infinite loading then game dies...


- it's time to uninstall the app again... 


Then checking the forum I read about "still looking for the issue/s" after some days. I think selective rollback inside modular development is a dusty concept on a dusty book...


Then I read players comments, the ones with the unbreakable faith (the same ones of January) and the ones without (they have changed), and I realize that what haven't changed yet, also won't change in future (in this case at least)..

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