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Hello. Read quite a few posts and understand some are not happy with changes in prices from mobile to now the offer with steam. I can understand that. With that said - I have had a lot of fun the last 2 days now and thanks to the steam sale I discovered this amazing gem. It really gives me the good old d&d 3.5 vibe so I am happy it is based on the pathfinder ruleset. I think also good feedback is nice to hear from time to time so : This is so frikking cool and an amazing game. Hope there is multiplayer too soon!

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Well, only previous paying customers that were sold on the idea of "pay once get all versions" and veterans that had tailored their vault to their liking are getting screwed over right now and complaining.

If you're a new player there was never a better time to get into the game as right now with the Steam version. I don't agree with these decisions and I feel let down big time, but I still recommend this game to my Steam friends that never played it and dismissed it as a mobile cashgrab.

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