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Hey there , i have been out of the loop for more than a year , waiting for the game to get finished .


Now that i see a new patch out there i m inclined to get back to playing PoE , however i forgot a lot of information about the game so i was hoping to get some help here , i have few character builds that i need help with also some questions about game mechanic changes .


Note : i play on PoTD and im aiming for unusual party composition , also i like to min/max to some degree for the best result


I seen that Rogues got buffed on Riposte front , i was playing arround with such rogue before the riposte update a bit and would like to go with it again , im thinking to have him as one of two tanks in my party , thinking to use bashing shield for full attacks and defense bonus . Any advice on this build ? What stats i can dump and which should i max ? What abilities are must have ?


My seocond tank would be barbarian using a shield and unlabored blade , stacking as much retaliate and status debuffs as possible , what stats should i aim for ? Is fire god like decent race for this or i will need a helm slot ? What are main items to look for ?


I will also use a melee paladin support , priest for healing and buffs , wizard with implements and blast and then i have to decide between ranger using bows or cipher using firearms , or maybe even a chanter with guns which would be better and why ?


Few questions :


with new athletics and survival bonuses how should i distribute skills in my party ?

Which character would make best mc ? Leaning towards rogue atm




also i would appreciate any other advice

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Yeah I need a solid guide too. Any site/doc that thoroughly explains things out there? Thank you in advance !!!


You guys both would check (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85492-the-obsidian-boards-build-list-last-modified-25-feb-17/) this topic for builds. 


And for the skills, survival is a must for all members. Caed Nua resting bonuses stack with survival resting bonuses. You should at least try to aim for second tier of bonuses (7-12 survival) depending on each member's needs. It is defined in the above mentioned thread which are the best bonuses for each class/spec presented. 

Athletics may come in handy for self healing characters especially at solo plays, however I have never found it useful enough. You need a certain amount for some encounters, I am pretty sure the amount is written somewhere in the forums. Maybe you can achieve it only for this purpose in one of your characters. Try to pick one which will benefit from it the most. 




I am also putting here a party composition which i picked from the above mentioned thread fitting your wishes:


Tank 1: Barb - http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89991-class-build-the-golden-dragon-barbarian-tank/

Tank 2: Rogue - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88458-class-build-the-yellow-flash-riposte-offtank-rogue/

Melee Support: Paladin - http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83526-the-darcozzi-forward-observer-could-use-some-input/

Priest: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83506-class-build-support-priest-or-how-i-buffed-the-others/

Wizard: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83681-class-build-zeblastian-hurtstacker-autoattacking-double-trouble-dps-wizard/

Ranged Damage Dealer: Cipher - http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84478-class-build-cipher-30-mr-speedo-ranged-frenzied-maniac/

or Chanter - http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89315-class-build-the-gunslinger-potd-solo-guns-only-chanter/

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Ok those were really helpfull , thank you !


Im thinking of this front line : Wild Orlan Rogue ( 10/10/10/18/10/20 ) and Fire GodLike Barbarian ( 10/8/4/18/20/18 ) also with Kind Wayfarer Death Godlike Paladin (18/10/10/10/20/10 ) , rogue and barbarian will be using Weapon and shield meanwhile paladin will be using 2 hander .

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