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[PC/Steam] Merisiel encounter bug after reveal effect(unable to start the fight)



Bug happens if you use a card that looks at location deck and lets you encounter a bane on Merisiel. It happens only to banes that force "Do you want to encounter?" prompt (villains, banes with pre-check damage like enslaved blue dragon). So far it only happened after using Blessing of Nethys(reveals 2 top cards and let you choose one to explore) and Shalelu Andosana(reveals top card, discard to encounter).


Bug itself makes proceed button disappear(the light blue sword on the right side of the screen). So far it happened around 5 times during story mode. Workaround for bug is to go to main menu and continue/start the save to return to the fight and make proceed button appear.



Platform: Steam



Permadeath: off

Story mode

Characters in party: Kyra(alt), Merisiel(alt)

Kyra has Delay(upgraded Evade)

Location: last time both were in The Leng Device(happened in other locations(Guard tower for example) and when Merisiel was alone too)

Turn order: Merisiel->Kyra

Scenario: Assault on the Pinnacle(normal, also happened in other scenarios)

Encountered card: Most High Ceoptra

Subsequent explore(mentioned higher)


I will try to make this bug happen again to provide screenshot. Please notify me if similar topic exists or issue is known, didn't find anything in forum search. There are also problems with boon choices(button hit/press boxes are misplaced), but it happens in random and I can't find the cause.

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Managed to replicate the bug. Here we have a Lyrie encounter in A1.5(Story mode, normal) after using Blessing of Nethys. As we can see, we have an evade option, due to presence of Temple on the map. Also there's a pre-encounter condition on this fight (Before you can act, deal 1d4-1 Fire damage to hero). There's no option to proceed with the fight. Pressing on the part where button should be does nothing.




This is a screenshot after leaving to main menu and pressing start and loading this party. Button is back and works correctly.

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