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Frost Worm's Cold Damage hurt Sajan with Improved Dodge


PC Version, Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition


6-3, Amiri fighting a Frost Worm.


Amiri beat the Frost Worm, but during the Frost Worm's "If defeated each character at this location must attempt a Dexterity or Acrobatics 14 check. Characters who succeed are dealt 1 Cold damage; Characters who fail are dealt 1 Combat  damage and 1 Cold damage.


Amiri failed and only took 1 point of Cold damage. Amiri has Thick Skin and that ignored the Combat damage.


Sajan was at the same location, failed and had to discard 1 for damage, and after I discarded, it dinged Sajan again, gave the frost effect and had him discard 1 again. Sajan has Improved Dodge which says "When dealt damage other than Combat damage, reduce that damage by 2." This effect obviously didn't take place since he took the 1 Cold damage.


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