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Tutorial Reward Cards Gone



While using the mobile app on an iPad using OS 10.2.3 and after finishing the tutorial for the first time, I started Brigandoom!, created the two starter characters, went into the Deck View and tried to sub in the tutorial reward weapons, which were all under the Unclaimed tab.  I figure, okay, I'll sub out Merisiel's Dart for this nice looking Flaming Shortbow +1.  Moved the Dart into the stash and claimed the Flaming Shortbow +1.  Cool.  Blue arrow, that's the card sale merchant, blue arrow again, back out to scenario.  Go back into Deck View, now I'm down to one weapon, and the reward weapon is nowhere to be found.  Where did it go?  

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So there is a confirmed bug after the tutorial 5 where if you try to customize your deck before you start Brigandoom!, your characters will not correctly save their decks and your cards will be eaten up. (because the game still thinks you're in a tutorial). This will be fixed in the next patch, in the mean time please send me your PFID so that I can compensate for your loss :)


To avoid this issue, everyone needs to not edit their deck before starting Brigandoom! OR after completing tutorial 5, go to the main menu, click start then create a new party from there.

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