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Muck Graul Endless Loop



I experienced an interesting bug today.


Android 6.0; LG G3 Smartphone; PFID#-81EB4067C5390099

Pass & Play: Not on; Story Mode: Playing same story mode since June or July of 2016

Party (in turn order): Harsk (Woods), Lem (Deeper Dungeons), Seoni (Thassilonian Dungeon), Valeros (Deeper Dungeons), Merisiel (Temple), Kyra (Moutain Peak)

Scenario: Into the Mountains; Heroic Difficulty; Wild Card Power: If you acquire a blessing or ally, then bury a card.


Situation: Valeros encounters Muck Graul on his first exploration of the game, but cannot defeat Muck Graul because I was unable to use fire. Lem then encounters Muck Graul because “another random character encounters Muck Graul.” The Muck Graul slides over to the left of the screen next to the location information and becomes smaller. Another Muck Graul card comes on the screen on the right side of the screen in the normal size and position when a character encounters a card. Then, Lem encounters Muck Graul and cannot defeat it because I still did not have any fire. According to the rules, of the card, Muck Graul should disappear to the bottom of the location deck. However, Lem enouncters Muck Graul a SECOND time. Muck Graul is undefeated AGAIN. Muck Graul stays on the screen, but the red arrow shows on the right side of the screen. I press it and it is Seoni’s turn again instead of going back to Valeros to let him end his turn and proceed to Merisiel’s. Then, the game gets into an endless loop. Seoni takes a turn. Valeros encounters Muck Graul again. Lem encounters Muck Graul twice. Red arrow. It is Seoni’s turn again. I just forfeited it and started the scenario again.

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Your interpretation of how the card should work is entirely correct.  Per a dev post for the tabletop version of this game, an undefeated Muck Graul encounter should be resolved as:

The idea is that Muck tries to beat up one other character at the location, and then retreats to safety (i.e. the bottom of the location deck) regardless of the outcome of that second attack.


No real solutions or workarounds for this bug at the moment.  A similar report is also in this thread (see item #10 in the first post).


Hopefully this gets some visibility for the upcoming 1.2.6.x patch.

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