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Caed nua not accessible



Hi everyone,


maybe this is an older issue but I couldn't find it on the forum.


Whatever I do, I cannot access Caed Nu. it simply doesn't appear on the map when I leave Black Marshes to the East.

Anyone know a solution? Unfortunately my save file is too big to share ist and compression does not make it significantly smaller :(


Thanks in advance!


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I believe you have to rest in Gilded Vale and then talk to the dead animancers soul before Caed Nua is unlocked, did you do any of that?


edit: I made a quick junk character and tried to go to Caed Nua while skipping the whole rest in Gilded Vale and talk to the dead animancer part and got the same result as you did. So, you have to do the whole rest in gilded vale and talk to the animancer part.

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