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The Red Dream, will we be seeing this ship in the Deadfire?

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I was doing the wailing banshee quest and I saw the bit about the Red Dream and that it has prowled the Deadfire for decades, and I had a thought. Since it spends most of it's time in the archipelago and the ship and her captian are practically legend, she seems like she'd be a powerful ally or enemy (depending on your reputation of course) and an excellent tie in to PoE1.

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Almost certain that we will.


As the description says:

The Red Dream is a famous, though mentioned only pirate ship, raiding the seas in Pillars of Eternity.
The ship's crew on shore leave
Attacking even Aumauan traders from the powerful Rauatai and crossing around New Heomar for decades, she's nowadays prowling the Deadfire Archipelago, occasionally landing at the docks of Defiance Bay, where her captain Maerwith and the crew like to take shore leave in the Charred Barrel in Brackenbury, enjoying reactions of the more noble patrons to the presence of pirates in their establishment.
The Red Dream and her captain played a tragic part in the fate of Ondra's Gift's former lighthouse keeper, who kept log about her sightings of the ship.


Deadfire is all about ships, pirates and such things, so I guess Josh won't won't lose this chunk of content.

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Done this with Moon Godlike Wizard


Perebor steam

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