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PA crashes when entering story mode



drdior 9252

IPAD 4th gen A1458

IOS 10.3.1


I can start the game, but when I go to story mode, it crashes. 

I had 19 fully developed toons, and decided to start with a totally fresh party of the 4 alts that I had acquired.  Sunwrought, Scholar, Noble Seelah and Amiri (I forgot the name)


So now I have 23 alts and I can't progress to build a new party.  I had a party with the new 4 and deleted the party.  But, to no avail.


So now, I can't play PA story mode.  And with quest mode going away..... ouch


I created this party and completed B.1.  I never added any experienced toons to this party.    After completing b.1, it then crashed when I tried to go to the toon select screen.  It's been unplayable ever since.

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