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Quest mode - cannot play!



I started quest mode, which I play all the time--selected my characters, had the scenario chosen, had the villain chosen, Barl Breakbones. But then it just stops. It won't progress to henchmen and there is no way to forfeit or back out of the scenario. Force quitting doesn't work either, as it just goes back to Barl when I enter quest mode. I have three characters at 40 with good cards and do not want to uninstall and reinstall to reset it. What can I do?

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As long as you've been playing online regularly, all your characters and story mode saves have been synced off to the "cloud."


An uninstall/reinstall will remove the in-progress quest scenario and allow you to start a new one after you're signed back in.


The quest mode save is only on your tablet, so when it locks up, removing the app is pretty much the easiest solution.

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Yes, but I dislike story mode. It is my quest mode level 40 characters I do not want to lose.


You shouldn't lose your quest or story characters on reinstall.


If you have been playing online (if you see the "Logged In" popup or the weekly/daily challenges), then your characters have already been backed up to the cloud.  After you delete the app and reinstall, all your characters will be downloaded back off the server and you can resume play where you left off.


Sadly, there really isn't much else to suggest unless you are on Android.  Reinstalling is generally harmless.

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