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Weapon Mastery, Companion AI, and other stuff





after starting the game again after a long time and with the newest patch (gog-18) I found some bugs, I thought were a long time gone:


1. Weapon Specialisation and Mastery don't work for Unarmed Combat.

2. Whenever I exchange companions, the AI resets to "Defend Self". Other AI points stay the way, I have set them.

3. Sometimes a Visitor comes to the Keep, but is not named, nor can you interact with him. I suspect it's Azurro.

4. Berold's name get's an error-description in the log, after you help him with his request.

5. When I exchange companions, for the ones with active Savage Attack and Vulnerable Attack, only one of the talents is displayed at the portrait.


Is any of this already in the works, or is Pillars currently abandoned for Deadfire?

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Developers have not appeared here for a long time.  :shrugz: 

They are no longer interested in correcting mistakes and bugs in the first Pillars. :brows:

I propose calling Dozens to express my displeasure. :bat:

#mob_justice! :aiee:

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