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Pass and Play button Greyed Out



How do you enable Pass and Play if the menu option is unresponsive and doesn't explain why?


Is it a device limitation like not being allowed on phones?


If so that is kinda silly since phones are pretty easy to pass around. I tried doing a search on this topic and nothing immediately came up on Google or in these forums.

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Feature I think. It was taken of quite some upgrades ago. Don't remember anymore if it ever was implemented. Most likely it was somewhat not usefull. You can now pas the phone to next player even though there is not that option and you still should hand that device back to him if you want to have him play a support card to your check, even though game does not explisit ask for it in normal mode.


How would it work if there would be pass and play mode.

Harsk turn. Harsk meet a monster and start combat check. The game pauses and the responce goes to player x. Player x chose if he want to help or not. The turn goes to player y, player y chose to help or not and so on... until all players have had a change to do something and maybe repond to other players responds. It would be quite ugly guite soon... very clumsy.

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