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Story mode progression lost: 0-0, can not start





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Vernee, Thor

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When I go into story mode instead  of the  ~5.3 ish Chapter I played to, i now only see a Black picture below the Rise of the Rune Lords logo. On the right side of the black picture there is the turqoise skull inside a bronce ring. In the bottom right corner where the story mode progression should be listed i get a 0-0.

The red list that shows characters (if i remember correctly) is completly empty. The date of the last save is noted  as 27-03-2017 21:39


I can not remember exactly what happened before I lost my save. I played in story mode and I think I had one of the "stuck bugs" which I usually get several times a week. This time after (again not sure what exactly I did) closing? the game and restarting, maybe just logging out to main menu and restarting, or even after beeing reforced to restart because of a full freeze, the 0-0 showed up instead of the regular Story Mode Party Status.

If i press the  play button there nothing happens.


If you need any more detail please ask me, I will have a look every now and then, maybe a specific question can help my lazy brain remember a little more.




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