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[IDEA] Utility Talents that affect on hit

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So, I was thinking, I like the elementalist utility talents (Scion of flame etc) and we could use more interesting talents that broaden and spice up melee.


For example;




Plague Bearer; if the weapon has an on hit dot effect a crit gives it a __% chance to travel to an adjacent enemy.  When a dot expires on this player % chance for it to travel to an adjacent ally. 


Time Master; Dots last half as long but do twice the damage (good for when you want to do this but still have high int


Sucker For Punishment; You can stack the same dot from same source up to three times, DoTs do 1.3x as much damage to the user of this talent however




Hit Em While They Down; If the weapon has an on hit/crit prone effect its half as likely to go off but when it does you get one free full attack at 1.2x damage to hit them while they are down



Send em Sprawling; If the weapon has an on hit/crit prone effect and you prone someone with adjacent enemies close by they have a malus to reflex saves as they are spending effort dodging their fallen friend.


Something for the 1 handed users only;


Reposte specialist; only usable with one handed and no off hand. You have mastered deflection, you gain xx bonus to deflection (not as good as a medium shield) and if you react within 1 second of deflecting an attack and click an ability get a full attack for free with no recovery. Or something like that, I prefer stuff that's more active. Maybe the player will have an audio queue and a small icon would light up then if you are paying attention within the second you could pause click the ability for the free attack and un-pause. 




Spellbinder; if an item has an on hit spell affect it has XX higher chance to go off  and does so one extra time per encounter


Defender; Defensive spells on hit affect now last twice as long and have a chance to spread to one other ally


Precision; On hit aoe spell affects now only affect enemies, cannot be combined with Spellbinder





I know this is just me wishing I worked for an rpg company in game design. Years of CRPG playing and PnP makes me drool over ideas like these. Not fully fleshed out just spitballing. 

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